Friday, March 25, 2016


How others ! Today I'm gonna tell you I watched movie "Now you see me" AGAIN unfortunely! I explain why I say that. Exactly coz once I watched this movie , but one person is incredible amazing and handsome :) It's of course Jesse Eisenberg , he's soooo handsome and I can't stop watching him . Ohh come on and get see this movie . If you watched him once come and watch again ! Now I share amazing song ! Enjoy ! 

Saturday, March 19, 2016


These pictures I made today before midnight. It's lovely pictures , I just love theese pic's . My big big changes mean that my person are changed , coz lot of people are hurts and don't think about other's , how they are feel and like that. Other way I think to changed sth with my look coz I have terrible problem with my skin and I don't know what I have should do. Tomorrow I'm going to go to shopping and then I think I go watching something to my problem with my skin . I think it's gonna have good reluts .I posted up here great video The Weeknd - Where You Belong from Fifty Shades Of Grey  , listen up and read ! :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2016


Hello my readers ! How are ya ? Yesterday I just watching Sweet November with my greatest actress Charlize Theron , she's just the greatest actress of them all and when I saw my citie today and I think it remember me more like one scenes of this movie , because the weather outside is preety ugly and I just can't stand this coz I think I'm gonna get sick. But  I know we've got now March but the weather remind me little a November.Tell me how the weather in you . Already I share you amazing song Halsey - Gasoline ! I hear it all the time ! Luv it !

Saturday, March 5, 2016


Hi you all ! Today I've posted amazing song wchich really I like her . it's a catchy song.Do you hear about new Universal movie ? No ? So lets and see trailer of the new mowie The Huntsman : Winter's War ! Enjoyed of the song !